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Target has pledged $120,000 in cash to promote the legalization of homosexual marriage. 


Just saw this in an email from one of my professors who is an adviser for the Lesbian and Gay Vet Med Association at school. Target’s website says it will donate 100% of T-shirt sales from customers during the month of June to Family Equality Council. 

See the t-shirts here.

The big thing about it though is that this has been going around anti-gay organizations, and they’re rallying people to complain to the higher-ups at Target and even boycott their store, just like what happened with the Girl Scouts when they allowed a trans* girl join.

So we need to try to support Target in this if we can. If you can’t go buy a shirt, you can email them at to show your support. It will only take a few minutes, and it’s for a cause that I think is really near and dear to a lot of us here. Signal boost please? I can’t reach enough people with this on my own.